Corporación San Miguel de Brasil

Our corporation is always thinking about the welfare of our members.

Christmas Bonus Project

Corporación San Miguel de Brasil carried out the project of delivering Christmas bonuses to both producers and workers, the producers’ bonuses were 200.00 usd and 120.00 usd for the worker, benefiting around 491 people. Christmas festivities and integration between producers and workers were also held, where productivity machinery was raffled among the members present.

In addition, the Corporation was present in several communities such as: Rio Bonito, La Virginia, El Cambio; taking toys to dozens of children in order to create moments of joy and healthy fun.

Community Contribution and Investment

Our corporation has always tried to get closer to the communities that need it most.

 Therefore, the Corporation has made a contribution of implements for the dining room area to the basic day care center Pasaje de las Neves, donations of implements for the early stimulation area of the basic rehabilitation unit – Pasaje.

The Corporation also donated soccer balls to the San Joaquín community in the Santa Rosa canton in order to promote social cohesion, generate meeting spaces, sports, and entertainment, which has a positive impact on people’s health.

In order to create moments of recreation and fun, C-SMB financed the integration trip for the senior citizens of the Centro Diurno Básico Pasaje de las Nieves. The contribution consisted of the payment of transportation, food and entrance tickets to the tourist center. A 3-inch pressurized water pump for the cistern of the children’s center was donated to the CASITA DE MIS SUEÑOS Foundation.

Community Contribution

Our corporation has sought to get closer to its communities of influence where our company has its operations through donations that provide solutions to problems that require attention. It is in this way that our contribution becomes an agent of change and strengthening of societies.

The Corporation supports with infrastructure that is vital for the communities where the farm employees and their families live, for which it contributed with the construction of a recreational area consisting of playgrounds and benches to create meeting spaces for the community residents.

About us

We are a non-profit organization of small and medium banana, cocoa and tropical fruit producers.

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