Corporación San Miguel de Brasil

Our corporation is always thinking about the welfare of our members.

Fertilizer Subsidy

The administration of the Corporation also thinking about the productivity of the banana plantations of fellow producers was created the project of Productivity FERTILIZATION.

This project is based on the delivery of sacks of fertilizer according to the number of hectares and soil application. The Corporation subsidizes 50% of the cost per bag and the counterpart of the producer is the cancellation of 50%.

Productivity Machinery Bonus

The productivity machinery bonus project for the producers’ farms was carried out based on the needs of each producer.

In cultural work on their farms, 1 – 2 – 3 depending on the producer’s needs. This project benefited about 97 producers.

Below we can see the President and members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation delivering the COMBOS.

Packer Improvement Bond

In accordance with market requirements, the certifications that Corporación San Miguel de Brasil has are carried out controls and farm supervision to ensure that they meet the standards of the certifiers, but the market is becoming increasingly demanding and measures have been taken to avoid all types of contamination in the fruit.

For this reason, it was necessary to create an improvement bonus in the packing houses. This bonus is destined for changes of rollers, roof, maintenance of vats, enclosure with saran in the packinghouse, etc.

About us

We are a non-profit organization of small and medium banana, cocoa and tropical fruit producers.

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