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Our corporation is always thinking about the welfare of our members.

Health Benefits

The producers of the C-SMB have the health benefit to cover their immediate needs in expenses for medicine, consultations and medical examinations; to access this benefit must submit documentation (medical prescription and invoices for the purchase of medicine) the benefit is worth 300.00 usd per year per producer.

FREE MEDICAL ATTENTION AT MEDICAL DISPENSERS: The C-SMB provides medical assistance and campaigns for the prevention and control of diseases of members, employees, workers and all their dependents. Medical care is provided at the dispensaries of:  

          – San Miguel de Brasil – Buenavista

With service hours from: 8:30 to 16:30 from Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Buenavista dispensary and Tuesday and Thursday at the San Miguel de Brasil Dispensary. In addition, we have a schedule of periodic medical sessions with professionals in the following specialties

Contribution to Community Health

The C-SMB contributing to good health and well-being helps Health Centers where they can receive basic medical attention, check-ups and general treatment with the aim of preventing and treating diseases.

Contribution to Corporación San Miguel de Brasil Health Sub-Center:

The investment that the Corporation made in the health sub-center SAN MIGUEL DE BRASIL, was the construction of 3 medical areas (Dentistry, Vaccination and Gynecology) with its own sanitary bathroom, electrical installations and other improvements that allowed the inhabitants of Corporación San Miguel de Brasil precinct to receive quality medical care.

Contribution to the Loma de Franco Sub-center: 

The investment that the Corporation made was for 3 medical areas with their own sanitary bathroom (waiting room, pediatrics and pharmacy) electrical installations and other improvements that allowed the inhabitants of the San Miguel de Brasil precinct to receive quality medical care.

Medical Benefits

Benefit for mobilization of workers for medical attention at the Medical Office: 

Reimbursement of mobilization expenses to workers affiliated with C-SMB, for each medical consultation in general medicine at the San Miguel de Brasil dispensary; for support of the reimbursement the worker must submit a copy of the medical prescription.

Reimbursement of 9.45% of the Social Security for workers of producers.

This reimbursement consists of contributing with a personal contribution of 9.45% of the worker’s Social Security and medical attention 24 hours a day.

Senior Citizen Benefit

The beneficiaries receive an economic contribution of $30 per month to cover medical expenses, the reimbursement is made upon presentation of the invoice.


This benefit, is applicable in case of unforeseen emergency of the producer or worker, expenses will be reimbursed by invoice up to an amount of 700.00 usd.


In the event of the death of the producer, a bonus of US$ 2,000.00 will be given to his family members. In the case of the death of a producer’s son or wife, a bonus of 1,500 usd will be given to the producer’s relatives. In the case of death of a C-SMB employee, 1,000.00 usd. will be given and in the case of death of a producer’s worker, 600 usd. will be given to his family members. These values will be supported by invoices for funeral expenses or food and refreshments for the wake.

Servicio de Especialidades Médicas

Dentistry Specialty: Aware of the importance of oral health, dental campaigns are coordinated for producers, workers, employees and their families; this medical assistance consists of: dental cleaning, prophylaxis, cures, tooth and molar extractions.

Optometry Specialty: In this campaign, visual examinations are performed and eyeglasses are provided to patients who need them. This year 73 patients received exams, of which only 67 needed glasses, for which 50% of the actual cost was subsidized.

Dermatology Specialty: The campaign was aimed at producers, workers, and employees of C-SMB to provide medical attention to prevent and cure skin diseases.

Papanicolaou: Always focused on preventive health, a Papanicolaou examination campaign was carried out to detect and prevent various diseases that afflict women, such as cervical cancer.

Cardiology Specialty: During the consultation the patient undergoes an electrocardiogram, blood pressure is taken, heart rate is measured and if the specialist recommends it, in special cases complementary tests are ordered to lead to a diagnosis and subsequent treatment for the patient.

Laboratory tests – Annual medical records: In order to know the incidence of diseases that may present both producers, workers and employees, a campaign of medical examinations and medical records was developed, through which patients requiring special treatments are identified for which the doctor will provide guidance for their cure.

Vaccination: In order to prevent diseases and to ensure the good health and well-being of members, workers and their families, vaccination campaigns are carried out.

About us

We are a non-profit organization of small and medium banana, cocoa and tropical fruit producers.

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